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Commercial kitchen air extraction, canopies, Manchester, UK

Air extraction systems

air control systems - BridgeThe Bridge group have been designing and manufacturing air extraction systems for a large number of years and have gained a wealth of knowledge regarding the most effective and economical method for the capture and removal of fumes. It is now a legal requirement to have a commercial kitchen air extraction system, (including input). Health & safety in the workplace legislation stipulates kitchens to be well ventilated and comfortable to work in.

Extraction canopies, Manchester, Birmingham, UK All canopies and air control systems are manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel. Each air extraction system contains a full-length filter housing consisting of baffle type grease filters. These are the best filters as they are highly efficient and can be easily cleaned in a commercial dish washing machine. For hygiene and ease of cleaning there are also collection trays at points along the underside of the filter housing for the grease.

All joints and corners are welded and polished and all raw edges folded and flattened to give a smooth finish. All canopies are sealed to form a grease tight unit and are manufactured in accordance with DW172.

As well as air extraction systems Bridge Group are also highly experienced in the specification, design and manufacture of input air control systems, condensing hoods and canopies. Our range of canopies include Island canopies, Wall mounted canopies Radius fronted wall canopies.

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