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Canopy illumination and ancilliaries

Any lighting that is installed will be heat resistant and greaseproof. We install various types of lights to suit the customer requirements. This will be discussed at quotation stage. All lights will have a tail of wiring that will enable final connection by others. The lighting is designed to give 500 lux of illumination.

Wall cladding and infills
We offer stainless steel wall cladding as an option either when installing a canopy or for a finish on a room. The cladding is manufactured using 304 stainless. The sheets are usually edge and flattened then overlapped when applied to a wall. Joint pieces and edging strips can be offered as an alternative when required. We also supply and manufacture infill panels were necessary. Wall cladding and infill panels are made to measure.

Service spines
Service spines are manufactured using 304 grade stainless steel and can be manufactured to suit the clients needs. Figure 4 shows a service spine complete with a removable riser as an addition. All spines are manufactured with removable panels and if necessary can include access doors which are hinged. When installed the screws that hold the panels in place are covered with mirror caps.

Fans and ductwork
All ductwork systems are made to measure once a site survey has been completed and will be priced according to the materials that are necessary for each individual installation. All ductwork systems are manufactured in accordance with DW144. Fans are selected in accordance with DW172 using the thermal convection or face velocity method.The ductwork systems can also be designed to the specification requirements of local councils were noise and pollution are an underlying factor. This can include the use of silencers and carbon filtration.

Fire supression sytems
Ansul systems can be offered when a building requires and will be designed to fit any type of kitchen extraction canopy. The type of Ansul system can be deigned to suit the needs of the client and will be installed once the ventilation canopies have been installed.

Grease filters
All ventilation canopies come complete with baffle type grease filters which can be manufactured in various sizes dependant on the design of the canopy. The canopies also come complete with drip trays and a gutter to catch any grease that is caught by the baffle filters. back to air control page


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