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Ventilation Ducting, Air control systems, Manchester, Lancashire

Ventilation Ducting

Air control systems - BridgeThe Bridge Group is a well established, leading manufacturer of stainless steel fabrication with a range of products including ventilation ducting, air input and extraction control systems for the catering industry.

Ventilation ducting Ventilation ducting is the most, efficient, accurate and economic method of transporting and diffusing fresh air and is used in a wide range of industries and applications including commercial kitchens. Ventilation ducting and air control systems provide many advantages to the commercial kitchen including;

  • The removal of excess heat – high temperatures are unpleasant for workers and it is important to practice good temperature control during food preparation, storage, service and display to prevent rapid multiplication of bacteria in the food.
  • Damage from excess moisture - Ventilation removes moisture created from various cooking processes eliminating clammy conditions. This prevents excess moisture settling on surfaces, protecting components from unhealthy and expensive moisture damage as well as helping to provide the comfort and safety of kitchen employees.
  • Providing fresh air to occupants and maintaining the pressure relationship between spaces.

We will always conduct an extensive site survey and provide a detailed quotation according to the materials that are necessary for each individual installation. All ductwork systems are made to measure once a site survey has been completed and are manufactured in accordance with DW144. The ductwork systems can also be designed to the specification requirements of local councils were noise and pollution are an underlying factor. This can include the use of silencers and carbon filtration.

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